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I wanna live in a wooden house

Ashley! It's Unisex!
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Ashley Twenty. Black/African-American. Los Angeleno attending collge in Washington, DC. Liberal. Journalism Major. Aspiring writer. Random as hell.
Ivintage junk, reading, writing, drawing, music, concerts, piano, fandom, politics, equal rights, food/cooking, fashion, kosher salt, photography, film, listening to old people talk, quirky jewelry, tights, bright colors, brightly colored tights, black people, flailing, paint and ink on my hands (er, they give you character), arguing, salmon, "trousers" and "slacks", pop culture, the 20th century (especially the 60s), sweater vests, speaking in different accents (often to myself...alone...ooer), the cosmic horn, & referencing those illustrations of diverse groups of friends from math/language textbooks.
Fandoms/Obsessions: Harry Potter (♥♥♥), Mad Men, Skins, The Inbetweeners, Doctor Who, Georgia Nicolson Series, Harold and Maude, Arctic Monkeys (!!!), & Catcher in the Rye
Les Autres: Journal is mostly friends-only. Shout at me here to possibly be added. Beware Expect posts about my personal life, fandom, politics, rants, raves, sometimes the last four meshed together in the form of some epic clusterfuck, picspams, and general shenanigans.

accio_salmon » My fics & other fandom related things
mwpp_era_lulz » Twat central, really. But it's fun :3


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, 1970's, :), adrien brody's nose, ainori, anderson cooper, anti-h/g, anti-obhwf, arctic monkeys, art, ashley reese/james potter, banana bread, bananas, barack obama, bbc america, being delusional, black people, blink 182, books, bridge!sex, capslock, capslock!harry, chocolate, classical music, clothes, concerts, constantly editing to add, cosmic horn, damn dirty hippies, daria, dave the laugh/masimo/robbie hate!sex, degrassi, disco parties, do not blaspheme!, doctor who, dogs, draco malfoy, drawing, duckies, eating, evan rosier's sexual advances, family, fan art, fandom, fanfiction, food, food network, french, glasses, greasy potter sandwich w/ketchup, h/hr, halloween 5, harold and maude, harry potter, harry/hermione, hating ann coulter, heathcliff being an asshole, history, internet, james/lily, jamespotter fingercomb of sex™, jewlery, joe paul's hair, joe paul/pudding, john mark karr, kurt cobain, laughing, laughing at hipsters, laverne+shirley = james+sirius, life on mars, lily evans, lily/james, literary crushes :3, luna lovegood, mad men, michael ullman comedy hour, mongooses, movies, music, nirvana, no doubt, paula deen, people watching, peter/toast, piano, pizza, pro choice, pro-choice boys, procrastination, project runway, rain, randomness, rants, reading, really sketchy white vans, regina spektor, remus lupin's vagina, remus/sirius, rubber duckies, ruppert grint, safety pins, sarcasm, saying nnnnngh, severus/lily, shoebox project, shopping, sid/cassie, skins, slytherin, smoothies, snape, snape/lily, snark, soccer, sondre lerche, sven, sweater vest lurve, tad lincoln, taking pictures, teddy lupin = heroindealingciggiesmokingalcoholic, the 1960s, the beatles, the bittles, the color green, the phone, the remus lupins, tofu, vaginas with pie aromas, venture bros, whipped cream, writing, young!snape is patti smith?,