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Because I feel like it...

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Yup, this journal is now friends only. Some of the posts already were, but now most of them are going to be friends only (unless I don't feel like it XP). Does this sound redundant or what?

So, if you want to add me...Collapse )

+ Once you've been added: Please comment here. Its just a meme that will help me get to know you a bit better.
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Hi, I stumbled across your journal and I think you're hilarrrrious and I'd love to read some more of your schtuff...particularly your DH reactions :D
Hi! Can I be added? I love Snape/Lily (and on a side note James/Lily too)
Hey there. I um... I found you via read_hp and I think your comments are ridiculous and fantastic and I'd love to keep reading your stuff. So, we share HP, and Regina Spektor, and stuff.
your entries are really original and fun so I'd like to read them without like... stalking you. 'cause that's awkward D:
which is why I requested you in the first place.
I've seen you around a lot of LJ communities that we are both a part of, and you and are funny and cool. And that's basically the kind of person that I'd want to friend on here :).

So friend me back?
Well hi. I keep seeing you around LJ and find you to be rather hilarious, so I am gonna non-creepily friend you. James/Lily love!
Is it okay if I friend you? Because I totally love that you have the whole Lily/James AND Snape/Lily thing going on (SO much word on your stance on both pairings, and there is just not enough James/Lily fic out there, that I've seen).
Hey! Here via </a></b></a>sbertie. I'm relatively new and trying to form a fan base friendships based on mutual love, trust, understanding and commenting on one anothers's journals.

Anyhoo, I'm adding you. You can take a look around my journal and if you like what you see, you can add me back. If not, you shall taste the might of my sword I'll hide under my blanket and cry.

LOL, don't worry. There is no drama here.
Is it ok i friend you? I just read your latest fanfic and i woulld love to read more of yours ^o^
Sure :)
hello there, i really think we should be friends as you seem lovely and i think we'd get along well. care to add?
itmakesaspark at her new journal =)
Hey, wanna be friends? I love meeting other delusional fans like myself. XD
ima add you cause yur juicy.
I know in fact for sure that what we have in common is that we're apparently both getting married to Alex Turner (as if that's ever going to happen whether we both like it or not). Friends? I'd love to chat and then talk about arrangements with my wedding to both Alex Turner and Mark Ronson.

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what account may that be?
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