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Because I feel like it...

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Yup, this journal is now friends only. Some of the posts already were, but now most of them are going to be friends only (unless I don't feel like it XP). Does this sound redundant or what?

So, if you want to add me...Collapse )

+ Once you've been added: Please comment here. Its just a meme that will help me get to know you a bit better.
(banner made by euterpeslullaby inspired by shoebox_project)
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hey! :D sazzlette rec'd you to me in her rec a friend meme so here i am! and i love the fact that your username came about by a typo. XD also? you have peter/toast listed in your interests too so i figure Sazz steered me right.

*friends* :)
Hello! :D

I've sort of wanted to add you for a while but I get all nervy spaz and such so yes! I'll definitely add you back!


11 years ago

Hey, we have a few interests in common. add me?
Sure, I'll add you. Your icon is great by the way. Gotta love Vernon!
Awesome! I'm a Crossroads graduate (class of 2004) and it's fun to meet the next generation of what we were in high school. (We called ourselves The Posse and hung out in Cadena at lunch while discussing fandomy things). Nice to meet you! Add me back if you wish!

*added* :)
heya I was about to humorously reply to your comment about Harry Potter = weed joke and to my surprised, the community is gone?

what happened?
I really haven't the slightest! It's been gone for a few days now but I've heard this has happened before and it came back

I was thinking about asking one of the mods but I'm too nervous >_>
Um hi. I was wondering if you'd like to be friends *feels like a 1st grader* *in little kids voice* "Will you be my friend?" You seem interesting, no hard feelings if you don't, though. I see you have a lot of friends. So I understand if you don't have time to read another persons journal.
Sure! I have enough room before my flist goes completely bonkers :)

I'll add you ASAP.
redundancy is contagious.
love the fo banner.
sirius ( i think that its sirius ) looks.....good. *dies*
Just another HP fan, wanting to know what u're about...
Love the FO image!! ♥ I've added you, if ya don't mind. :)
I think you seem pretty interesting
I'm a big HP fan too
and you're writing is pretty entertaining
Mind if I added you??
Nice banner. I knew I recognized it from somewhere... (or the style of it, at least).

Good idea to make it friends only. I should do that with mine but I’m too lazy I'm too busy. heh.
Hello there.
I found your journal from a post by roannaweenie about Georgia Nicholson. She mentioned you and I clicked and fell in love with your friends only banner. Want to be friends?

*adds with hope* =D
Added back! :)
You have no idea how much I laughed at this: remus lupin's vagina

Hope it's ok to add?
Lulz at it being weeks later that I'm replying to this: yeah, you're you know.
Hey! You seem super cool--and I love Sondre Lerche and Georgia Nicolson, too! add me back?
i just wanted to let you know that i've added you darling. :]
Hey, I love your style. I'm adding you because your work is beautiful.
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