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Interest Meme to be exact!

Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

Okay so I asked both sazzlette and onlysayitonce for this and some of theme were the same so here we go! I would LJ cut but it's too pretty to LJ cut.

1) being delusional - Okay, well that one was really popular amongst the H/Hr shippers post Interview From Hell '05. I'm pretty sure most of the H/Hr shippers on my flist have this!

2) Bridge!Sex - I...I think this one is between timetraveled and I? *Searches* AH YES! My investigating has behooved me. So she wrote a James/Lily fic called The Bridge and I pimped it and then this happened.

3) CPK - California Pizza Kitchen...which I think is a restaurant only located in a few states mostly here on the West Coast. There are a lot of theme in LA but like...I guess they're also in the Frozen Food section in the Grocery Store now too? Well, they can't beat the real deal. AND THEY HAVE THE BEST SPINASH ARTICHOKE DIP EVER. EVER. EVAAAAR. ♥

4) Dave the Laugh/Masimo/Robbie hate!sex - Roflz, well if you read the Georgia Nicolson series you may get it. Anyway, basically all these dudes have been Georgia's lurve interests at some point and...I'm pretty sure Dave hates Masimo so hate!sex between those two = lolz (and I think Masimo is gay anyway) and you may as well throw Robbie in too!

5) Evan Rosier's Sexual Advances - I don't know if anyone has noticed but Evan Rosier is always like...this sexy, sleazy sexual fiend in fics and somehow is like trying to get into the knickers of Muggleborn girls (OH HAY, EVANS YOU SLAG), so...yeah. PLEASE TELL ME YOU LOT HAVE NOTICED THIS IN MWPP ERA SHITE D:

6) Hating IAWTC - Oh God...the IAWTC craze fucking annoyed me to no END when it started like...early this year or last year. Jesus. It doesn't bother me as much anymore but I still refuse to use it. Almost like how I never really say lol.

7) Pro-Choice Boys - One of my first LJ user interests that I distinctly remember making back in eigth grade during Newspaper when LJ was soooo popular. I was actually the first one to make it and now like 16 people have it. Fab.

8) Really Sketchy White Vans - Of all the cars in the world, white vans have the worst rep...for good reason since it's a perv/pedo/kidnapper car.

Oh, and also:

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9) Remus Lupin's Vagina - ...Well he's got one, right?

10) Saying nnnnngh - shoebox_project. Nuff said. Read it now if you haven't already!

11) The Bittles - last year when I spent six weeks in San Fran taking art classes at the Academy of Arts ~*~Summer Art Experiance~*~, I had a friend who lived in San Fran named...Jesus I forgot her name but it'll come to me. Anyway, she's from Korea originally and when we were hanging up our work one day we were talking about what music we liked. Pretty much...:

Her: Oh, and I like The Bittles.
Me: Who?
Her: You know, The Bittles.
Me: Sorry, never heard of them ._.
Her: YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF THE BITTLES? I think they're English...they sing that song that goes--
Me: Oh, you mean The Beatles.
Her: Yeah! 8D

*Laugh* One of my favorite memories there. I'll have to really post about it soon >_____>

12) Vaginas with pie aromas - Ha, I just added that yesterday or the day before. Basically, there was a Bella/Edward smut fic that fated_addiction and I were reading and this was said (bottom of post).

Lolz, Oh God I'm such a freak D:

+ Wore my "Fancy a Smack, Sirius Black" shirt and people in my French class didn't get it. One said, "Wait, but Sirius never smacked anyone!" UGH. STUUUUUPID. But Morgan liked it so that's all that really matters. She wants the Snape one.

+ My parents keep going out and seeing movies and concerts and such. They have more of a social life than I do. Well more power to them :)

+ Story of my life right here...

Totally kidding.

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I ♥ slags?


Alex Turner you are MINE.

ETA: Well the 777 strike didn't last long. Forgot to add something ._.

ETA 2: I'm surprised jamespotter fingercomb of sex™ wasn't chosen! But I guess that the sexiness is pretty clear? ;D

ETA 3: fated_addiction wrote Self-Sullen Overtures for Cities which is Jal (yep, from Skins) centric little fic. It's fab. I highly recommend it!
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