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I keep saying this but I really would love to get back into the swing of things, posting wise. I really miss interacting with you all, honestly! I need to just do some picspam about my life over the past year or something, srsly. THE GUILT IS GNAWING AT ME.

But most recently, here's what's up:
- I'm relocating to NYC on Wednesday to see if I can find a writing gig there or something. I'm feeling pretty nervous but we'll see how things go, right? But mostly I feel like I'm gonna barf ^__^
- I got photos taken of my by some style bloggers yesterday at the Melrose flea market. And I bought a really amazing floral blazer from them (READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE):

- Saturday night I discovered that donut shops can run out of fucking donuts:

- I've still been writing fic and all that jazz btw. Still one of my favorite hobbies. Still too emotionally invested in Lily Evans. THE USUAL
- TV I'VE BEEN WATCHING: Game of Thrones (I was peer pressured) and My Mad Fat Diary (which ended its season about a month ago but wow such great television. And I have a lot of THOUGHTS about the lack of coming of age programing in the states compared to shows in the UK but that will be for another post. Really, it will!)
- I want to go to Glastonbury so fucking much but plane tickets to the UK are a fortune rn and I prob won't be able to afford a ticket for Glastonbury anyway BUT ARCTIC MONKEYS ARE HEADLINING AND I AM SO SO MAD D:

Not sure what else is up but I'll make an effort to update more. Really, this wasn't so hard. I mean maybe it was boring but…whatever.
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