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Because I feel like it...

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Yup, this journal is now friends only. Some of the posts already were, but now most of them are going to be friends only (unless I don't feel like it XP). Does this sound redundant or what?

So, if you want to add me...Collapse )

+ Once you've been added: Please comment here. Its just a meme that will help me get to know you a bit better.
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I wish I remembered how I came across your profile! Sorry for the bad memory. It was a while ago and I hesitated adding you because I've never added anyone to LJ that I don't already know. @_@

Anywayyyy, I just want to say that you were born in the best month ever (though you could've waited three days to have the BEST birthday :P) and you love HP, reading, writing, music and a bunch of other awesome things so you're already wicked cool in my books. ^_^ Also, I met a guy called Ashley last night. His real name is Glenn but everyone calls him by his middle name. Unisex names are one of my favorite things. Sooo yeah. I hope it's okay that I add you?
So Im here from hp_commonroom and I chickened out before asking to add you (8 pages of friends requests?? Eep!) but on my Lily/Severus rounds I've been linked back to your LJ at least thrice so Im going to buck up and ask to be friended. Haha please~ :,)
Adding because you always say amazing things on sf_d, OMG TIGHTS, your fic, HARRY POTTER SQUEE, LILY/SEV, Shoebox Project!!!, writing in general, your fashion sense, music, YOU HAVE A SANTIGOLD ICON, we are fellow Slytherins and a ton of other reasons. PLUS YOU MAKE ME CAPSLOCK. :)
Saw you on the ONTD Harry Potter posts and heard your fic is amazing. :)
Hi, it's Allie! Figured it was high time I added you on my journal that's actually my journal.
Hello hello you seem ace. Be my friend?
Adding you because of your great comments in the Mad Men comm!
Hey, do you mind that I add you? You seem to be in a lot of my comms and you seem like an interesting person.
Hello! I've seen you on hp_cr. and... you love james and so do I. I really dig your banner as well.
Potter fan too, and I love your fic and all your comments on the fandom!


November 9 2010, 20:57:14 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  November 9 2010, 20:58:00 UTC

So I see you around sf_d, and I've got this Harry Potter BUG going through my system at the moment, and I think you're fab, and I would like to friend you SO THERE. I don't really post ever, for whatever that's worth.

edit: I honestly cannot believe I just had your / you're error there.
I want to be added to your friends list. I see your posts in ONTD_political, ontd_feminism and I think you're pretty cool.

Adding you because you are of the few reasonable voices in both Mad Men and Harry Potter. :D
hello, I'm adding you! hope that's okay, love your James and Lily writing. :]
and also, I totally agree with your Beatles post down there.
Hi, I've seen you around skinsfans and ontd, and I've read your HP fanfiction and Lily essays. You seem really nice and interesting, so I'd like to add you. (I've usually commented to skinsfans with my other journal "kirsikkatikkari" to this point, if you're wondering why this username didn't sound familiar to you.)
Hey, I probably seem like a creeper right now since I've just commented on a few of your entries, but I just went on your journal after what you said yesterday (about the skins thing tomorrow, ah!) and then got distracted by your entries.

Just about to add you (:

Suspended comment

add? I know you from the skinsfans and mad men communities. And woah, did not know you studied in DC! I just moved away from there myself.
I really, really want to have you on my friends list! Your comments on 'skinsfans' always make my day, and besides you write about James/Lily! I knew I've seen you somewhere! ;>
Besides I don't really wanna be creeper-stalker anymore and use so many exclamation marks, lol.
I stumbled over your journal looking for Grace/Rich fic (hardly any exists D:) and am loving your journal! You are adorable and a great mix maker. I think we are also both on ONTD? I know your icon looks very familiar. Friend meeeeee (although I never update this account I will probably comment on your frequently).
Hey! Haven't actually talked to you before but I read your defense of Lily a while ago along with some other things and I really loved them. I also really love your fashion posts, very cute! Sorry I'm kinda of a lurker and coming out of the blue here. OTL

I also think it's crazy awesome you go to Howard since some of my friends are going there &hearts
We seem to have a bit in common (harry potter, doctor who.)
Hi there, awesome site. I thought the topics you posted on were very interesting

I commented on another one of your post...but we met at the OOTP premiere back in 2007 in L.A. (I was the black girl) and i stumbled across ur post this morning about that premiere and just made a journal (so there is nothing in it) just so I cld comment nd add you as a friend. Obviously, I will go on and attempt to maintain my journal, because I do frequently read HP fiction on livejournal and other stories so its not totally just to follow you ;). But I thought this would be a nice way to start seeing as a major chapter in Harry Potter fandom is coming to an end and I'm going to be all about HP until the FINALE of the Harry Potter Movie Series.
So yeah...plz add me!
I've just read your fic, 'Where the Flowers Bloom'... Wow. Is it okay if I add you?! ^________^
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