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Because I feel like it...

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Yup, this journal is now friends only. Some of the posts already were, but now most of them are going to be friends only (unless I don't feel like it XP). Does this sound redundant or what?

So, if you want to add me...Collapse )

+ Once you've been added: Please comment here. Its just a meme that will help me get to know you a bit better.
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Read a bunch of essays/rant/thingies you wrote on the subject of Lilly Evans Potter. Liked them very much and spent far too long reading the comments. Plus my first ship in the HP world was HHr and it holds a special place in my heart. So....

Be my friend?
:D <3 ?

Sure :)
SO. I've seen you around on ontd_p and chimbleysweep's lj for what feels like forever, I'm a huge HP/shoebox fan as well, and I found your recent entry on the editorial interesting (my dad went to Howard and loved it, but he's told me his own wankery stories). I'd like to friend you, if that's cool. :)
You seem very entertaining and interesting! :) Add me?
I feel so awkward asking this, but may I add you? You're a HP/Skins fan, have actually heard of Georga Nicholson and Harold and Maude and I see you a lot around whilst I'm lurking. Yeah.

you are the besttttt
Recently read your essay one Lily Evans-Potter and thought it was teh awesomesauce. :) Difficult to find someone who walks the thin line of loving the Marauders and Snape at the same time; inadvertantly, one gets bashed in favor of the other.

So, would you mind terribly adding me? :)

Hai girl hai. (:
I found you on An Arctic Monkeys community,
and i instantly fell in love with your icon


Anyway, I read your profile and thought you were cool,
so I wanted to add you and fangirl over British men/just being cool black folks.
Sure :)


7 years ago

I usually don't like adding people because I feel like a loser, but I've been lurking quite a bit & you seem really awesome. I'm from Los Angeles, too, and I think I remember you posting about meeting Anderson Cooper many years ago because I was at the same book signing. You just went to London and Paris apparently, and I went to both places last year, too. Woo hoo! AND I also remember you posting about meeting Alex Turner in ONTD & that was pretty badass. And I see you go to school in DC & I'm planning to visit NYC and DC this spring but idk.

Ugh, this entire comment makes me seem like such a creepster but I swear I'm not. Anyway, I'd like you add you, if that is ok*~
Lolz no worries you aren't a creepster
tbh, i don't remember how i got here. i think in an attempt to copy and paste, i clicked as well but alas i truly cannot remember. trival matters. as soon as i saw remussiriusjamespeter, i knew i couldn't leave. and then i went deeper (or rather skimmed the surface as i only got to see public posts) and fell in love must insist on being friends. it's so righteous to see someone on my fence of loving the marauders AND snape. also ARCTIC MONKEYS <3 and i really, really love the way your mind works, +?

Lolz this made me smile. Add away XP
I've been seeing you a lot at buongiornodaisy's LJ and on ontd_political and think you're interesting. I hope it's mutual.
Hello there!

I read Where the Flowers Bloom awhile ago, and thought it was absolutely brilliant. When I saw you're essay 'In Defense of Lily Evans', I was sold :)
I hope you don't mind if I add you as friend. (It's always so awkward asking people if I can be their friend on here, I feel like I'm in grade school again).

Hope you're having a great day.
Hello... I'm Shea, a writer and artist/photographer. I came across your LJ and you seem like a cool gal. I hope you don't mind me adding you.. We have a lot of mutual interests.
I like your comments and posts, art, dressing up and writing, A LOT but I don't care for Alex Turner or his Arctic Monkeys since I first set eyes on them. Can we still be friends?

I happened to be on fandom_wank, then I saw your essay on Lily which was EXCELLENT. :D And then, I went on to your LJ (actually, I clicked on the link by mistake; thought I was going to a comment), and saw that HOLY PRONGS! YOU LIKE ALEX TURNER! shit! You dunno how crazy I am about that bloke.

And, yes, that sketch there is fabulous. :D I like Prongs best, but then I might be biased as he is my favourite Marauder. :D
I think I've fallen in love with you.

LOL, what a great way to make a impression right? But seriously I think you're pretty cool
and I just so happen to pass by your profile and would like it if I could friend request you?

Hi I added you :)
One thing we have in common:
arctic monkeys obsession!
I've already ready all your posts which are public and tagged with 'arctic monkeys'. So I think I'd like to know you better :)
Yoooouuu appear to have added me?
Yes, I hope you don't mind! I see you around the AM comm a lot!


6 years ago


April 30 2010, 02:16:02 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  April 30 2010, 02:16:39 UTC

i feel we should be friends. because i see you many places, such as ontd_political, and we have friends and liberalism in common. thoughts? :)

um also apparently we both go to school in dc. and now i think we might have actually had this discussion once upon a time.
add? :)
Heyas Randomness! I have seen your postings on Vintage ads, and see that you know someone I know! I've been shy to send this email for a year, but why the hell not! ;)
Hey, I see you on anythingdisney a lot.
Add? :]
friending you because not only:
a) are you an awesome writer ('it's all politics' is definitely one of the best and cleverest fanfics around, i'm just sayin');
b) you have amazing dress sense, and;
c) had i actually been arsed to fill in my interests/bio box it would have been 99% the same, right down to saying nnnnngh, the remus lupins, and being pro choice :)
i've seen you around the skins fandom and thought your name looked i clicked and here i am. i am estatic there are common interests that include:SKINS, artic monkeys, being a 90s child, and hailing from the west coast. awesome. also your lily/james fic brought back good memories of me shippin those two so hard back in middle school. with all that you mind if we become friends? :)
Hey, I've seen you at ontd_political and a few other comms, I think, and you seem pretty neat- and I love that your friends only banner is Shoebox-y :D Do you mind if I friend you?
Hey, I stumbled upon your profile after seeing the fanfic vs. fanart picspam. I go to Howard too. So you should add me :)
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