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Because I feel like it...

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Yup, this journal is now friends only. Some of the posts already were, but now most of them are going to be friends only (unless I don't feel like it XP). Does this sound redundant or what?

So, if you want to add me...Collapse )

+ Once you've been added: Please comment here. Its just a meme that will help me get to know you a bit better.
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Just add me already, we share our R/S and CoS obsession. :p
*laugh* Definately added!
Hey... erm, I'm a Lily/James shipper? (Apologies, my OTP isn't H/Hr, but I don't mind the ship... :) I'm an obsessive Harry Potter fan, though) Add me?
*adds back*

Oh, and no worries! A ton of people on my flist have very different ship preferences. I have everything from rabid H/Hr shippers, to strong H/G shippers, to Sirius/Harry shippers!

um -lists similarities-
..-too lazy-

but the gist of this comment is that you seem really cool from the comments I closely monitor you leave on the people's LJ's i know :O

I like H/HR too if that's any redeeming quality of me too XD


So yes, I would find it lovely if you added me :D

And you don't have to like H/Hr...but its always cool to have a h/hr shipper on my flist! I have people with all kinds of ships around here *looks around flist*


Ok, let me just say that I came to your profile because of your awesome Lily/Snape icon - which is brilliant! I read your info and - Snape is my favorite character too.( He is so innocent!)

I love your friends only picture - amazing!

Friend? :D
*added* 8D


10 years ago

Hi, I was just wondering if you'd like friend one another? Any Harry Potter and Ron Weasley fan is a friend of mine.
*added* 8D
Just thought I should comment... Fan of Harold and Maude / Cat Stevens, Anderson Cooper and Project Runway!
I haven't watched Anderson in AGES! I actually met him at a book signing a couple months ago. It was AMAZING.
It seems that we have quite a bit in common, and I would love to have someone on my flist who actually knows was SBP is! So, uh, hello?!
EVERYONE should know what SBP is! 8D *added*

Oh, and you go to Agora high? Did you know a girl named Mia?


10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago


9 years ago

mind if i add?

would love if you considered joining justfor1day, as well. your musical taste + style of writing would be a keen addition to the group.

thanks xxx

lucy *
I just joined. :) Seems like an interesting group.

Of course I don't mind that you added me! I glanced at your journal and you seem so deep and poetic...there isn't so much of that at my journal though. But if you can handle the rediculous posts...

*added back*
Hey. Artist formerly known as essawkward here. I'm semi-starting a new journal, relevant post is here.
My OCD is making me reply to this. Of course, you're already added XP
Possible add?
Sure. :)

Deleted comment

I think I can handle it :3


...welcome to the crack of Ashley's LJ .__.
Heeeeeeeeeeelo. Can I please be added?
The fact that you have "I live under the stairs. Egro, I am Harry Potter" in your profile leads me to an automatic YES. :D

Oh, and you seem a bit strange. I like people who are a bit strange.

Erm, rambling I see...



10 years ago

Hi, I'm Talriga from FFN. Finally looked at your lj--love the format. Hope you don't mind if I friend you. :)

Interests we share (looking through the list...): Anderson Cooper! (awesome reporter, he is...) and classical music, I'm pleased. :) I think sometimes music-wise I'm stuck in the late 1800s... I know nothing about modern-day music. :P And Snape and Hermione and lots of other stuff...

I love classical music (especially playing it on piano and such...but I always forget them after a few months!) but I also love oldies/soul music and rock and jazz and...I like lots of stuff really :)

I'VE MET ANDERSON :D Good Lord that man is attractive...and extremely gay but who cares?
<--- Fellow HP fanatic, plus your LJ icons had me laughing for about an hour...add?
Hey, I'll try to add you ASAP because the friending/unfriending feature is on the fritz right now for some reason! :(


10 years ago

really. lmaoooo @ some of your icons XD
I'm a HP fan too
Add? I hope I don't bore you to death... =/ lol

Also...are you c/o 2009 or 08? Just asking :)
You made me want to love Harry Potter more than I already do.
"If you don't make cornbread in over 3 years you aren't black sry 2 say" That cracked me up because that is sooo my dad.
And I love your icons so..added you. =]
Sorry I didn't get back to you :S any HP fan is a friend of mine! :D
I DO NOT KNOW YOU (found you commenting on Gracie's journal) BUT I MUST SAY THAT YOU HAVE EXCELLENT TASTE IN ICONS.

Most especially the David Tennant (Tenth Doctor) and Billie Piper (Rose) icons. Oh, and Heidi Klum. And most/all of the Harry Potter ones.

Thank you! I'm glad you like them :) I love the one you're using now as well :D


10 years ago

I'm an avid fan of the Snape/Lily ship and love your "The Long and Winding Road."

It'd be nice to have you as a friend. That way, I can tell my friends when they make fun of my Snapeing, "Yeah? Well there's more of us where I came from." XP

My fanfic name is Tulusu, btw.
I'm glad you enjoy my fic! :D

*laugh* More like MILLIONS MORE!


Re: please add me


10 years ago

hey! sazzlette recc'd you as a possible friend ^.^ And i see we have a bit in common. Add me please? ^^
Hello! Sure I'll add you back! I have no idea why I haven't known about you before (being an h/hr fan and all)
hey! :D sazzlette rec'd you to me in her rec a friend meme so here i am! and i love the fact that your username came about by a typo. XD also? you have peter/toast listed in your interests too so i figure Sazz steered me right.

*friends* :)
Hello! :D

I've sort of wanted to add you for a while but I get all nervy spaz and such so yes! I'll definitely add you back!


10 years ago

Hey, we have a few interests in common. add me?
Sure, I'll add you. Your icon is great by the way. Gotta love Vernon!
Awesome! I'm a Crossroads graduate (class of 2004) and it's fun to meet the next generation of what we were in high school. (We called ourselves The Posse and hung out in Cadena at lunch while discussing fandomy things). Nice to meet you! Add me back if you wish!

*added* :)
heya I was about to humorously reply to your comment about Harry Potter = weed joke and to my surprised, the community is gone?

what happened?
I really haven't the slightest! It's been gone for a few days now but I've heard this has happened before and it came back

I was thinking about asking one of the mods but I'm too nervous >_>
Um hi. I was wondering if you'd like to be friends *feels like a 1st grader* *in little kids voice* "Will you be my friend?" You seem interesting, no hard feelings if you don't, though. I see you have a lot of friends. So I understand if you don't have time to read another persons journal.
Sure! I have enough room before my flist goes completely bonkers :)

I'll add you ASAP.
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